Samuel Breese
Cristian Camilo Castellanos Rodriguez, Visiting Scholar
Sinclair Gurny
Frederick Hole
Shigeru Imai, Postdoc ()
Yang Li
Saswata Paul ()
Marie Petitjean
Professor Carlos Varela, Director ()

Shigeru Imai, Ph.D., 2018
Travis Desell, Ph.D., 2009, Rochester Institute of Technology
Kaoutar El Maghraoui, Ph.D., 2007, IBM T.J. Watson Research
Wei-Jen Wang, Ph.D., 2006, National Central University, Taiwan


(06/04/2019) New Professor Varela has been named Program Committee Chair (with Laurent Lefevre) for CCGrid 2020.

(04/08/2019) Professor Varela's article on flight data analytics for safety is available in

(03/24/2019) Our work on recognizing sensor failures in data is featured in Albany Times Union.

(02/28/2019) "Making Flight Systems Safer with the Internet of Airplanes", RPI News.

(01/31/2019) "Grant Awarded to Increase Intelligence in Aerospace Systems", The Approach.

(03/22/2018) Congratulations to Dr. Shigeru Imai for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation!

(07/06/2017) "Carlos Varela featured in IEEE Aerospace and Electronic Systems Magazine", RPI CS News.


Programming Distributed Computing Systems by Prof. Varela
(Available from Amazon and MIT Press)

Projects and Software

PILOTS: ProgrammIng Language for spatiO-Temporal data Streaming applications

IOS: Internet Operating System

SALSA: Simple Actor Language System and Architecture

MilkyWay@HOME: Volunteer Computing for Astro-informatics

OverView: Dynamic Visualization of Distributed Systems

Transactors: A Programming Model for Maintaining Globally Consistent Distributed State in Unreliable Environments



Distributed Computing over the Internet (Spring'19, S'17, S'16, Fall'14, F'12, F'10, F'09, S'07, S'06, S'04, S'03, S'02)

Programming Languages (Fall'17, F'16, F'15, Spring'15, F'14, S'13, S'12, S'11, S'10, F'09, F'07, F'06, F'05, S'05, F'03)

Software Verification (Spring'18)

Principles of Software (Spring '19)

Cloud Computing (Fall'11)

Network Programming (Fall '02)

Internet Computing (Fall '01)

Calls for Papers and Participation