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IOS Release 0.4


 Download the Software:

 -              Download SALSA release 0.7.2

o       Compiled jar: salsa0.7.2.jar

o       Source: salsa0.7.2-src.tar.gz. To rebuild the source files, use the script provided in the root of the salsa0.7.2 directory.

-         Download IOS release 0.4

o       Compiled jar: ios0.4.jar

o       Source: ios0.4-src.tar.gz. To rebuild the source files, use the script provided in the root directory

-         Add salsa0.7.2/src and ios0.4 or the jar files to your CLASSPATH.


Running the SALSA heat application with IOS:


We use the heat example provided in the ios0.4 package

-         We will use 4 machines to run the heat application:,,, and

-         Make sure that all theaters are started from a directory that has the class files of the application your intend to run with IOS.

-         In each of these machines start an IOS Theater by running:

o       java src.IOSTheater

-         Connect the started theaters with the desired topology. The topology determines the way work stealing requests are propagated between theaters.

o       Full connectivity: java src.testing.reachability.Full <theaters file>

o       Mesh connectivity: java src.testing.reachability.Mesh <theaters file>

o       Tree connectivity: java src.testing.reachability.Tree <theaters file>

o       Sparse connectivity: java src.testing.reachability.Sparse <theaters file>

Where <theaters file> is a file that lists the host:port of the IOS theaters to connect.



Make sure that there are no empty lines at the end of the file.


-         Start a naming server in one of machines (For example

o       java wwc.naming.WWCNamingServer


-         Run the heat application.

o       java src.testing.heat.Heat [<theaters file> <Base uan >] <iterations> <x> <y> <number of actors> <output filename>

where theaters file contains one of more of the IOS theaters already started.

o       A sample run: java src.testing.heat.Heat theater_file uan:// 2000 500 500 16 output

Where theater_file contains



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